Our Response to COVID-19

Turning Crisis into Hope

No matter where we live, no matter who we are, we’ve all been impacted by the COVID-19 virus.  And we don’t have to be sick to feel vulnerable and afraid.  So much is changing and life as we know it will never be the same.

It’s times like these that shine a light on our city’s most vulnerable.  For thousands of people in Calgary, hunger is way of life, for tens of thousands more, they were just a paycheque away.  For many, the paycheques have stopped, a new reality has set in, and it feels like so much is out of our control.

It’s hard to feel hopeful when you feel helpless.

For kids who count on a breakfast or lunch program at school, summer break can be their hardest and hungriest time of the year.  Now that classes have ended months ahead of schedule, their struggle with hunger just got longer and harder.  Even short-term hunger can have long-lasting effects on a child’s developing mind and body, so it’s important that we act quickly.

We are working closely with our agency partners to understand how we can move quickly together to meet the needs of the children and families that are affected by today’s environment.  We must be flexible, adaptable and responsive.  It’s how we’ve always done it.

As we plan for a much earlier start to our summer food program, we are being thoughtful in our approach to ensure we are giving kids better access to the food they need not just today, but through the summer months as well.

With your support you can give hope to a hungry child in Calgary.

Your donation today matters.  Every dollar will make a difference to hungry children in Calgary in the weeks and months ahead. And we are looking at how to stretch every dollar even further – through our existing partnerships and by sourcing government and corporate matching donation programs. If you can give, please do.  If you are one of the many impacted but can help us spread the word, please do.

The generosity of individuals and the business community, along with the ongoing efforts of local agencies and volunteers, truly highlight Calgary’s compassion for caring for those in need.  These are tough times, but together we can weather the storm and look to brighter times ahead.

With gratitude,

The I Can for Kids family

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