Our champions

Supporting a dignified and
evidence-based approach to help alleviate childhood food insecurity

The generous support of our amazing donors enables us to target our grocery gift card program to thousands of food-insecure children and families each year.

Big or small, every donation makes a difference.

The Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation

Supporting I Can for Kids is driven by our profound admiration for their bold disruption of conventional methods in addressing food insecurity among children and families through food programs. They’ve undergone a remarkable transformation from their own experience with providing food programming, evolving into pioneers of change. Their unwavering dedication to delivering dignified support with precision, respect, and profound effectiveness serves as a compelling testament to what innovation truly represents: the ability to ignite substantial, life-altering change with remarkable results.

eda libin, The alvin & Mona libin foundation

I Can for Kids is taking an innovative and bold approach when it comes to food insecurity, and empowering food-insecure families in a way that is changing the landscape of food insecurity in Calgary. It is because of that forward-thinking model that we are excited to partner with I Can for Kids to help mitigate the barriers to well-being and strengthen the vitality of our community.


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