Our champions

Supporting a dignified and
evidence-based approach to help alleviate childhood food insecurity

The generous support of our amazing donors enables us to deliver our grocery gift card program to thousands of food-insecure children and families each year.

Big or small, every donation makes a difference.

The Alvin & Mona Libin Foundation

Mike Rose

While the number of charitable food programs in our city continues to grow, so does the rate of food insecurity. Nutrien is looking beyond hunger towards innovative and collaborative responses to food insecurity that promote choice, self-empowerment, dignity, and inclusion. Nutrien is proud to support I Can for Kids and their evidence-based grocery gift card program to support food-insecure children and families and to build a better future for Calgary.


As a small group, we like the idea of working with a grassroots organization… From the beginning, I Can for Kids has operated with a professionalism beyond the size and age of the organization.


Ask us about how you can help food-insecure kids in Calgary.