Food Insecurity

We can’t change outcomes for kids until we understand the underlying conditions that give rise to food insecurity.

If you can only see the issue as “hunger” you come up with “supply food” as the solution. 40 years of supplying food hasn’t solved the underlying problem.

People are food insecure not because they are poor budgeters or unwilling to work but because they lack the income to afford food on top of other basic needs.

Beyond Hunger 2020 report from Community Food Centres Canada

Key points from the 2020 Beyond Hunger report

Community Food Centres Canada’s report lays out the complex nature of food insecurity in Canada. Some highlights our messaging is aligned with are:

The real issue

But hunger is a word and an idea that fails to capture the reality… (it’s) about not being able to afford food; skip meals so their children can eat; buy the cheapest, most unhealthy food just to fill themselves; or even go days without eating in order to cover other bills.

Impacts on children

Food insecurity has a negative impact on mental health… Children who experience food insecurity are at risk of hyperactivity and inattention, and are more likely to experience mental-health challenges as adults.

Food bank truth

… this complex problem cannot be solved by giving people food alone… Research also shows that only 1 in 5 food-insecure Canadians uses food banks for a variety of reasons, including stigma, unhealthy food choices or inconvenient hours of operation.

Find out more about what informs our work

Some important reports and information about the issues that create childhood hunger

Beyond Hunger 2020 Report

Dig deeper into the issue by reading the full report. You’ll gain a new perspective on how we as a society address food insecurity.


PROOF publishes annual reports on household food insecurity. These reports have become critical for furthering public understanding of food insecurity in Canada.

Basic Income Guarantee

In under 15 minutes, learn about food insecurity and get a solid grounding in a solution to the issue that offers people dignity and respect.

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