Childhood food insecurity

1 in 4 children in Calgary lives in a food-insecure home.

It’s unequal. It’s not fair. It shouldn’t happen here. It’s time to challenge the way our society supports children living with food insecurity.

As a direct result of limited household income, too many children are unable to access enough healthy food every day.

1 in 4

children in Calgary lives in a food-insecure home


of Calgarians couldn’t make ends meet if they suffered a financial shock

1 in 15

households in Alberta need to skip meals on a regular basis

When you’re just handed things, you’re kind of expected to just take what is given to you. When you’re able to go out and grocery shop and meal plan, it just makes you feel human.

Katie, single-parent household, 2 children


Food insecurity harms every part of a kid’s life.


Poor diet quality increases the risk of developing chronic health conditions in adulthood such as mood disorders and diabetes


Repeated experiences of hunger lead to more struggles with hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety


Food-insecure kids feel more shame and lower self-esteem that can lead to social isolation


Food-insecure kids are more likely to repeat a grade, receive lower test scores, and struggle with reading

We base our work on the lived experience of people impacted by food insecurity

Our founding model is based on relationships with more than 25 frontline service agency partners who have direct contact with families living with food insecurity. They’ve built relationships with families and know their specific needs.

Food-insecure children have poor nutrition because their family has too little income

There is more than enough food for everyone in our city. Childhood food insecurity isn’t about a lack of food. It’s caused by a lack of financial resources. That is food insecurity.

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Key resources that provide more insight into food insecurity


PROOF is an academic team who publishes research, reports, and resources on food insecurity in Canada. We recommend their easy-to-read factsheets.

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