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An in-depth look at the meaningful strides we’ve taken over the years to help create a city free from food insecurity.

Delve into transformative stories, compelling statistics, and heartfelt testimonials that showcase the positive changes you’ve inspired in the lives of thousands of food-insecure kids and families.

A fresh response to
an age-old problem

This report reflects the way our grocery gift card program transforms the lives of food-insecure children and families with the dignity, autonomy, and flexibility they need to overcome crushing emotional and financial challenges. Explore the many ways your contributions enabled I Can for Kids to target immediate and life-changing support to tens of thousands of kids from diverse families, cultures, and communities across our city. We hope you’re as inspired as we are by the stories of incredible strength and resilience.

Past impact reports

Impact report 2022

Impact report 2021

Impact report 2020

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