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The need is great.
The ways to help, many.

Our primary way of getting support to food-insecure children and families is through cash donations that we invest in grocery gift cards. But there are other ways to support our work.


Channel your passions for good

Whatever it is that inspires you, transform your passion into a FUNdraiser for I Can for Kids to help us empower thousands of food-insecure families.

Check out previous fundraisers below and contact us to learn how we can help you kickstart your idea.


One of the best ways to promote our work is to spread the word

Sharing knowledge can empower a community for change. The more people who support our work, the more food-insecure families can afford fresh, nutritious food for their kids.

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Food insecurity eats away at hope, self-esteem, and social connection. That’s why I Can for Kids targets grocery gift cards to the thousands of food-insecure children and families in greatest need across the city. Discover how you can join the movement.

1 in 5 children in Calgary lives in a food-insecure household that cannot afford to meet their basic needs, especially healthy food. You can help us change that. Make a donation to I Can for Kids today.

Food insecurity impacts every part of a kid’s life. So does healthy food. Since 2020, I Can for Kids has provided more than $2 million in grocery gift cards to food-insecure kids and families in more than 200 communities in and around Calgary. Become a part of the change.

Show & tell

Get more attention with visuals – and tell your networks why you think what we’re doing is important.

You can give a little each month for
year-long impact.