November 2020 Campaign Update

2020 in a word – Let’s be honest, we’ve all used a few choice words to describe 2020. The economic downturn was slow to recover, and then we were hit with a global pandemic that has altered how we move, learn, work and play. We’ve pivoted, shifted, modified, and retreated, and just plain old adjusted to a new way of life. For some it’s been seamless, for others it’s forced them into an unwelcome reality which seems to have no end to their struggle.

At I Can for Kids, our word is undaunted, which by definition means: courageous in the face of danger; still determined and enthusiastic even though it might be difficult; and not intimidated or discouraged when it comes to doing things that aren’t always easy.

It’s the word we would use to describe the courage and determination of the kids we support. It’s the reason why we admire the unwavering commitment of our frontline agency partners. And it summarizes the bold first steps we took in 2015 to create an opportunity to feed hungry children and youth in Calgary. Which to this day, stands just as true for us.

“When COVID hit Canada, most agencies stopped. Dead. No one knew how to continue to support our clients, while providing safety for the staff. When everyone stopped; your agency ran towards the unknown and stepped up to be a leader within the community that you serve. As someone that started to receive support from your agency when you first started, you guys have become a blessing to everyone that you serve. Thank you.”
– Victoria, Wood’s Homes Exit Youth Hub

COVID-19 threw us all off balance, but by coming together as friends, partners and a community, we’ve been grateful to support thousands of kids who already counted on us and thousands more who are experiencing food insecurity for the first time. Their plight is real and it’s hard.

Thanks to your support, we’ve achieved more than we ever imagined. We’re in the eighth month of what has traditionally been a 10-week summer food program – feeding over 20,000 kids and counting.

Even as we prepare to wrap up 2020, we remain undaunted in our efforts to fill empty bellies across our city. Your investment in us is a vote of confidence in our ability, and a commitment to the hopes and dreams of every child and family that receives our support. Thank you.

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