5 tips to increase your nutrition without emptying your wallet!


Eating healthy may seem like a daunting task because of the perception that eating healthy foods means more expensive foods. This isn’t always the case!

Here are some of the easiest ways to eat healthy on a budget.

1. Plan, plan, plan and stick to the plan!

Make time to plan your meals using flyers and coupons, write a grocery list and then stick to the grocery list at the store. Also try to grocery shop after eating a meal. There will be less impulse purchases when you have eaten.

2. Buy your food in bulk or packaged in bags.

Packaging costs money therefore items with more packaging (boxes and plastics) are usually more expensive than in bags.

3. Choose no name products.

Look at the nutrient facts and ingredients of the no name equivalents for your favourite foods. They are usually very similar and the no name brands are much less expensive (example: Brand name canned chick peas 540 mL = $1.38, No name = $0.87).

4. Buy less convenience and pre-packaged foods

Convenience foods are handy to have on hand if you have limited time. However if you are choosing convenience foods more often (think shredded cheese, pre cut vegetables and individually packaged yogurts) then you will be paying a premium. Choose whole foods and try to cut/shred/portion the items as soon as you get home from the store.

5. Eat more meatless meals.

Find ways to incorporate meatless alternatives at least twice a week for dinner. Meat is more expensive and doesn’t have a long shelf life. Some ideas for incorporating this are bean tacos or burritos with peppers, lentils and cauliflower with naan or a vegetable and cheese omelet with toast.


You can make some small changes to how you grocery shop that make a big impact on your spending!


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